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The Feminine Force 

... is what you hear and feel when women - or those who identify as femmes - gather to sing together, to grieve together and to celebrate the exhilarating heartbreak that is Life. 

Stylistically and intrinsically non-binary, the music is at once uplifting, sacred, rocking and deeply rooted in the indigenous feminine force of Southern Africa. 



The Feminine Force is elastic. 

From a duo to a 6 piece to a 9 piece and beyond, the Feminine Force is a roving group of musicians  led by the legendary powerhouse that is The One Who Sings. 

The music is written by The One Who Sings and is expressed by the highly skilled and impassioned band in six part harmony. It is fueled by folk guitars and powerful traditional Xhosa instruments.

Contact for further information and bookings. 

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